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True Love Never Dies...

Love May Take Long
But It Will Always Take U
2 Were U Belong...
Juz Hold On &
Enjoy the Journey...
No Need to Hurry
Coz Ur Heart Wil Know...
When Its Finally Home...

If You Have Reasons For Loving Someone,
Then You Are Using Your Mind,
But If You Love Someone For No Reason
Then You Are Using Your Heart,
And That Is TRUE LOVE…


 I Can Chose Who To Care,
Who To Protect,
Who To Share Life With,
But I Can Never Chose Wid Whom To Fall In Love With
Cuz Love Is Not A Choice It Is Destiny…

When I Say I Love You,
It Doesn’t Mean Just 3 Words Of Love,
It Means I Care For You,
I Trust U,
I Believe You,
I Miss You,
Love Sometimes Changes Some Moment
And Sometimes WHOLE LIFE...;->

I Have A Heart And Its True,
But Now Its Gone From Me To You.
So Care For It,
Just Like I Do,
Because I Have No Heart
And You Have Two…

Love Is When . . .
There Are Million Things You Wanted To Say To Someone
When They Look You In The Eyes & Hold You In Their Arms
Nothing In Life Matters
Other Than Being With That Person At That Moment

You're The Shoulder I Lean On,
The Hand That I Hold,
The Eyes With The Message
That Never Grows Old,
The Smile That Is Part Of
Each Warm Memory -
You're Everything Special
That Means Love To Me...


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